carbon seamless steel pipe A106

Seamless steel pipe, Seamless tube) is a hollow section, no seams around the strip steel.At present, the production of seamless tube of a total of more than 110 countries all over the world more than 1850 companies of more than 1850 factories, the production of oil pipeline with 44 countries more than 170 companies of more than 260 factory.

Seamless steel pipe specifications: 6-1240 - x 1-200 - mm

Seamless tube manufacturing process: hot rolled, cold drawn and thermal expansion

In 2000, seamless tube of the apparent consumption of 4.18 million tons, domestic supply of 3.821 million tons, accounting for 91.4% of the total domestic demand.Imports of 359000 tons, accounting for 8.59% of the total domestic demand.Consumption of oil pipeline in that year is about 910000 tons.Imported about 252000 tons.Imported tube accounts for about 70% of total domestic consumption, which imports accounted for 27.69% of the total domestic consumption, oil pipeline imports account for about seamless tube, about 70% of total imports.Oil pipeline imports from Japan accounted for more than half of total imports.China's largest oil casing production base - tianjin steel tube company out 522000 tons of steel products in 2000, including oil casing output of 364100 tons.More than half of the casing of the country's oil production.Both in production and sales of casing in China market first.

From the point of international and domestic two markets, seamless tube (including oil special pipe) of existing production capacity have been greater than demand.So, the future should focus on the ability to give full play to existing units, to develop high strength grade and high destruction and high corrosion of oil pipeline, high pressure boiler tube and the cylinder tube, etc.A national view of the current steel market in China is optimized product structure content.This is also to increase product competitiveness at home and abroad, the key to expand the market share.That is to say, is to improve the market competitiveness of domestic steel enterprises and the WTO after the domestic enterprises long-term task and the key of successful development

Standard information
1. The structure with seamless tube (GB/T8162-2008) is used for general structure and the mechanical structure of seamless tube.

2. The fluid with seamless pipe transmission (GB/T8163-2008) is used for conveying water, oil, gas and other fluid generally seamless tube.

3. Low medium pressure boiler seamless tube (GB3087-2008) is used in the manufacture of various structural low intermediate pressure boiler superheated steam pipe, water pipe and locomotive boiler superheated steam pipe, pipes, small pipe and arch brick works of high quality carbon structural steel hot rolling and cold drawing (rolling) seamless tube.

Used for high pressure boiler seamless tube (GB5310-2008) is used in the manufacture of high pressure and over pressure of the water tube boiler heating surface quality carbon steel, alloy steel and stainless heat resistant steel seamless tube.

5. Fertilizer equipment with high-pressure seamless tube (GB6479-2000) is applicable to the working temperature for - 40 ~ 400 ℃, the working pressure of 10 ~ 30 ma chemical equipment and pipeline of high quality carbon structural steel and alloy steel seamless tube.

6. Seamless tube used in oil cracking (GB9948-2006) is suitable for oil refinery furnace tube, heat exchangers and pipe seamless steel pipe.

7. Geological drilling with steel tube (YB235-70) is for the use of geological departments the core drilling of steel pipe, according to the purpose can be divided into the drill pipe, drill collar, core pipe, casing and precipitation, etc.

8. Diamond core drilling for seamless tube (GB3423-82) is used for diamond core drill pipe, core rod, casing seamless tube.

9. The oil drill pipe (YB528-65) is used in oil drilling internal upset or external upset on both ends of seamless pipe.Pole points two car and car silk, silk work joint connection, no car work butt welding method and the tool joint connection.Ship with carbon steel seamless pipe seamless tube 10. (GB5312-85)

China classification society material and welding specification -- China classification society (CCS)

Det norske veritas (DNV) specification, det norske veritas (DNV)

The Lloyd's register (LR) specification, the British Lloyd's register (LR)

German Lloyd (GL) specification -- German Lloyd's register (GL)

American bureau of shipping (ABS) - American bureau of shipping (ABS)

Bureau veritas (BV) specification, bureau veritas (BV)

Italy classification society (RINA) specification -- Italy classification society (RINA)

Japan's classification society (NK) specification -- Japan's classification society (NK)

Is to make the ship class I pressure piping, Ⅱ level pressure pipe, boiler and overheating for carbon steel seamless tube.Carbon steel seamless pipe wall temperature does not exceed 450 ℃, the alloy steel seamless tube wall temperature over 450 ℃.

11. Automobile axle works seamless tube (GB3088-82) is the manufacturing automotive axle tube and shell shaft drive axle bridge works of high quality carbon structural steel and alloy structural steel hot-rolled seamless pipe.

12. The diesel engine with high-pressure tubing (GB3093-86) is a manufacturer of diesel injection system high pressure work cold drawn seamless tube.

SSAW PIPE  Spiral pipe

Spiral tube

Spiral pipe is also called the spiral steel pipe or spiral welded pipe, is the low carbon structural steel and low alloy steel strip according to certain helix Angle (called forming Angle) rolled into a tube blank, and then welded pipe joints made up, it can use a narrow strip in the production of large diameter steel pipe.Major manufacturing technology is a double-sided submerged arc welding, spiral pipe is mainly used in oil, natural gas pipeline, its specification in diameter * wall thickness.Spiral pipe has one side welding and welding by both sides, welded pipe shall ensure that the water pressure test, the tensile strength and cold bending properties of the weld in accordance with regulations.

Characteristics of spiral pipe: straight seam welded pipe production technology is simple, high production efficiency, low cost, rapid development.The strength of the spiral welded pipe is generally higher than straight seam welded pipe, use a narrow billet production of larger diameter welded pipe, you can also use the same width of billet in the production of different pipe diameter welded pipe.Liaocheng city jia bin supply spiral pipe steel pipe co., LTD.But compared with the same length of straight seam pipe, weld length by 30 ~ 100%, and the production speed is low.As a result, a small diameter welded pipe are mostly with straight seam welding, large diameter welded pipe for the most part adopts spiral welded.

Now commonly used standards of the spiral pipe can be divided into: the SY/T5037-2000 (solid, also known as the common fluid conveying pipe with spiral seam submerged arc welding steel pipe), GB/T9711.1-1997 (national standard, also known as oil and gas industry conveying pipe delivery technical conditions in the first part: grade A steel tube strict (so far have GB/T9711.2 grade B steel pipe)), API 5 l (American petroleum institute, also known as the pipeline steel pipe; which can be divided into PSL1 and PSL2 two levels), SY/T5040-92 (pile with spiral seam submerged arc welding steel pipe).


Pressurized fluid conveying with spiral seam submerged arc welding pipe is mainly used for conveying oil, natural gas pipeline, pipe pressure ability strong, good plasticity, easy to welding and processing molding;Generally low pressure fluid conveying spiral seam submerged arc welding steel pipe adopt double automatic submerged arc welding or welding by one side into the legal system for water, gas, air and steam general low-pressure fluid conveying with submerged arc welding steel pipe.

The production process
1) raw material namely strip coil, wire, flux.Have to pass strict physical and chemical inspection before investment.

2) strip head to tail docking, use single or double wire submerged arc welding, after rolled steel tube adopts automatic submerged arc welding repair welding.

3) before forming, strip after flattening, cutting edge, edge planing, transmission and cleaning the surface to the flanging process.

4) on both sides of the electric contact pressure gauge control conveyor under the pressure of oil cylinder pressure, ensure the smooth delivery of strip steel.

5) the use of external control or internal control roll forming.

6) the weld gap control device to ensure that meet the requirements of welding seam clearance, pipe diameter, the wrong side of the amount and weld gap are tightly controlled.

7) welding and welding are used within the United States Lincoln welding machine for single or double wire submerged arc welding, to obtain the stable welding specification.

8) after welding the weld passes the online continuous ultrasonic automatic meter check, ensure the spiral weld nondestructive testing coverage of 100%.If there are defects, automatic alarm and spray tags, production workers to adjust process parameters, in a timely manner to eliminate defects.

9) by air plasma cutting machine to cut the steel tube into single.

After 10) cut into single pole, the head of every batch of steel pipe should be strictly check system, check the weld mechanical properties, chemical composition, amalgamation, steel tube surface quality and the nondestructive flaw detection, ensure that qualified pipe process, can be formally put into production.

11) have continuous acoustic detection of weld mark parts, after manual ultrasonic and X-ray check, if there are defects, after repair, again through the nondestructive inspection, until defects have been eliminated.

12) strip steel butt weld and fellowship with spiral weld d joint in the tube, all pass X-ray films and television inspection.

13) each steel pipe after hydrostatic pressure test, radial sealing for the pressure.Test pressure and time are controlled strictly by steel pipe hydraulic microcomputer testing device.The parameters automatically printed out.

14) pipe end machining, make the end verticality, slope Angle and the blunt edge to get accurate control.

Surface treatment:

1, cleaning: used solvent, emulsion cleaning steel appearance, to get to remove oil, grease, dust, smooth agent and similar organic matter, but it means less steel appearance of rust, scale removal, welding flux, etc., thus the tricks only as adjuvant in corrosion produced.

2, cleaning things: first, using of steel wire brush, etc polished appearance, can remove loose or cock scale, rust, slag, etc.Open hand tools derusting to Sa2 level, dynamic things rust removal can be reached level Sa3, if sheet steel surface adhesion strong oxidation, cleaning result ignored wants, anchor pattern depth of anticorrosion construction requirements.

3, pickling: regular use of chemical and electrolytic pickling treatment of two different ways to do, use only pipeline anticorrosion chemical pickling, can remove scale, rust, old coating, sometimes can be used as remarketing after sandblasting derusting.Chemical cleaning is can make the appearance to the inevitable and coarse degree of cleanliness, but its anchor lines shallow, and easy to form pollution situation.

4, spray (cast) shot derusting: shot derusting spray (cast) is a high power motor drive the spray (cast) blade high-speed twist, make steel shot, steel grit, wire section, minerals and other abrasive under the centrifugal force effect on steel tube appearance spray (cast) disposal, not only can completely eliminate rust, oxides and dirt, and the effect of steel tube in the fierce impact and friction abrasive, can reach the requirements of coarse degree on average.

Steel pipe role
Large pipe used for conveying fluid, such as oil, natural gas, water, gas, steam, etc., in addition, doing bending and torsional strength phase at the same time, the weight is lighter, it is widely used in the manufacture of machinery parts and engineering structures.Also commonly used for the production of various kinds of conventional weapons, barrel, shells, etc

Steel pipe classification
Steel pipe seamless steel pipe and welded steel pipe (tube) two kinds big.According to the cross section shape and can be divided into circular tube and special-shaped tube, steel tube is widely used, but there are some square, rectangle, semicircle, hexagonal, equilateral triangle, octagonal special-shaped steel tube.For fluid under pressure steel pipe are hydraulic experiment was carried out to test the compression ability and the quality, under the pressure of regulation does not leak, soaked or expansion of qualified, some steel pipe according to the standard or the buyer requires edge test, flaring test, flattening test, etc.


Straight seam welded pipe, hot rolled or cold rolled steel sheet or steel coil made of welded steel pipe straight seam welding in welding equipment for pipe call straight seam welded pipe.(due to spot welding with steel pipe into a straight line and name)

An overview of the
Welded pipe is the common pipe material in gas pipeline, greater than 426 mm in diameter (508 mm) or the welded pipe is generally referred to as the large diameter welded pipe, according to the welding as a way for tube, can be divided into spiral welded pipe and straight seam welded pipe.

Straight seam welded pipe is the hot rolled plate volume after molding machine molding, the deformation of steel coil to smooth cylinder, using high frequency current skin effect and proximity effect or flux layer burning under the arc welding, the tube billet is heated to melt, and fusion under certain extrusion effect, after the final cooling forming.Edge of tube billet by using high frequency current melting is known as the high frequency straight seam welded pipe (ERW), using arc melting is known as the straight seam submerged arc welding pipe (LSAW).Straight seam welded pipe main raw material is low carbon steel hot-rolled coil, hot rolled band.

Production process folding edit this paragraph
Straight seam welded pipe is the hot rolled plate volume after molding machine molding, the deformation of steel coil to smooth cylinder, using high frequency current skin effect and proximity effect or flux layer burning under the arc welding, the tube billet is heated to melt, and fusion under certain extrusion effect, after the final cooling forming.Edge of tube billet by using high frequency current melting is known as the high frequency straight seam welded pipe (ERW), using arc melting is known as the straight seam submerged arc welding pipe (LSAW).

Straight seam welded pipe main raw material is low carbon steel hot-rolled coil, hot rolled band.

In petroleum, metallurgy, construction, coal mine, port, machinery and other industries are widely used in oil and gas transportation, low pressure water gas, mine fluid conveyor, belt conveyor roller, auto transmission shaft, etc.

Common pitfalls

【 1 】 the surface spots and red color

When the content of NaOH solution is low, the slot liquid boiling point can not meet the technical requirements of white nine temperature, so the straight seam welded pipe surface generated by the thin oxide film, and spotted.When NTaOH content is too high, will make the temperature inside the tank is beyond the requirements of the process Wai, increased Fe3Q4 solubility in the bath, which prompted the straight seam welded pipe solution to reduce the formation of crystal nucleus of oxide film speed, generated the porous oxide film, the surface is born wishing red water oxidation film (Fe2 (3) ^ H, 0) commonly known as red cream.So the hair CAI solution of NaOH content should be controlled in the range of 500 ~ 850 g/L in [1].

【 2 】 spalling

When the solution of sodium nitrite content high, the generated ferrous acid sodium and sodium iron also add <, quicken the formation rate of oxidation film, film layer of dense, strong, but shallow membrane layer, thus its t erosion ability is poor.Slow and membrane formation and osteoporosis, prone to oxidation film strip
So in order to ensure the quality of the black, the content of sodium nitrite and sodium hydroxide U proportional control in 1: (3 ~ 5), when add trisodium phosphate in aqueous solution, its proportion can S110.

3PE pipe 

3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe

3 PE anticorrosive pipe parent metal include seamless steel pipe, spiral steel pipe and straight seam steel pipe.Three layers structure of polyethylene (PE) anticorrosive coatings with good corrosion resistance, resistance to moisture permeability and mechanical properties, is widely used in the oil pipeline industry.3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe anticorrosion layer for the life of the buried pipeline is vital, and the same material of pipes, some buried decades not corrosion, some leak in a few years.Outside is because they have adopted different anticorrosion layer.

3 PE anticorrosive steel pipe refers to the three layers structure of polyolefin coating (MAPEC) anti-corrosion steel pipe, is commonly used one kind of anticorrosive pipe in China.There are other IPN8710, FBE epoxy powder, such as epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion way.Generally refers to the outer wall of steel pipe anticorrosion.

Corrosion protection
3 PE anticorrosive generally consists of three layers structure:

The first layer of epoxy powder (FBE > 100 um)

The second floor adhesive (AD) 170 ~ 250 um

The third layer of polyethylene (PE) 2.5 ~ 3.7 mm

Actual operation will be mixed together, three kinds of material processed to that of the steel pipe firmly to form excellent anticorrosive coating.The processing methods of general points spiral wound and circular mould coated type two kinds.

The standard of SY/T0413-2002, domestic on August 1 2002.Main specification standard polyethylene and high density polyethylene, vicat softening point was not less than 110 ℃;Outside the thickness of the coating is given priority to with low, medium density polyethylene German standard to determine DIN30670-1991.Greatly improve the impact strength of 3 PE anticorrosive coating.SY/T0413-2002 will be 3 PE anticorrosive layer of the peel strength, impact resistant index increase, according to some special material and specified by carbon black content, ensure the 3 PE coating and weather resistance, mechanical strength and increased the repairing peel strength (i.e., heat shrinkable sleeve, heat shrinkable belt of peel strength) of primer for steel of parking frequency.

In the early 1980 s, 3 PE anticorrosive steel pipes are widely used in Europe first, well received by users, is the most used pipeline coating system.China national petroleum corporation was decided in the summer of 1994 the introduction of 3 PE coating and coating technology, used in the construction to the shanxi-beijing gas pipeline and the ku-shan oil pipeline anticorrosion coating.In December, by petrochina pipeline bureau, construction bureau, sichuan petroleum institute, northwest pipe joint group headquarters experts to the United States, Italy, Turkey and other countries of 3 PE coating production line.In May 1995, the liaohe YouJian a company is responsible for the bidding root pain from Canada company introduced our country the first 3 PE coating production line.In early 1996 into normal operation.1996 Italian surname Sam it is mined here of the construction of the plastic factory of joint venture company and the Harbin preservation plant was put into normal production in May.Northwest pipe command joint venture with hong kong-invested 3 PE coating production line imported from the Netherlands, in 1996 completed and put into operation in baoji dongya anti-corrosion company, at this point, 3 PE anticorrosive for attention and application in China.Since acerbity NingLan pipeline construction, by means of bid invitation, together with all 3 PE anticorrosion material localization, 3 PE